Flying Plow in Baltimore’s “Urbanite” magazine!

Tom Paduano tills the spring soil with Flying Plow’s new equine team, Rocky and Rosie — a pair of Haflinger draft horses. Photo by J.M. Giordano

Just a quick update: URBANITE magazines are available (for free!) at the Wegman’s in Abingdon/Bel Air.  When I was there last week they still had a lot of the current issue with Flying Plow’s profile in it.

The current (May 2012) issue of Baltimore’s Urbanite magazine just came out, with a profile of Flying Plow’s owners, their farming philosophies — and their plow horses, Rocky and Rosie!

Read it here:

The Urbanite is a free monthly magazine covering culture and life in central Maryland.  In Harford county you can pick up a copy in Bel Air at  Parris – Castoro Eye & Laser Center (620 Boulton St, Bel Air, MD 21014) and in Abingdon at  Thomas Somerville Co. (1300 Continental Dr, Abingdon, MD 21009)

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5 Responses to Flying Plow in Baltimore’s “Urbanite” magazine!

  1. Karin Marcattilio says:

    I’ve heard alot of “Organic Farmer’s” who really aren’t certified by the State…I hope you aren’t one of them…when did you guys become certified? And when did you open? I have some people around there that I want to go organic…but I WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE!!!!

    • Hi Karin,

      We’ve been certified organic by the Maryland Department of Agriculture since June/July of last year, 2011. This season will the the third season for Flying Plow Farm.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

  2. Karin Marcattilio says:

    Thanks for getting back to me Tom. So you have been there for 3 seasons as organic and just got your certificate last year. I am wondering how long does it take to get the certificate? But either way it is good that you got it…how come you didn’t have it all along? Paperwork redtape? Well…I will keep you guys in mind and share about you. The website looks nice and the pics…It’s Good to Go Organic!! Thanks for the info again!! I have had some run-ins with people that told me that they were organic and they weren’t, and as a Cancer Patient…I need to make sure that MY SOURCES ARE TRUE TO THEIR WORD!!! IT’S IMPORTANT!! Glad to see you do have the certificate finally! Keep up the Good Work! and the recipes!

    • Hi Karin,

      We have been here for 2 seasons and we are now entering our third season. We were inspected in the spring of 2011 for organic certification but did not officially get the certificate until the summer of 2011 as the MDA certification year runs from summer to summer. We’ll be inspected again this June or July for our 2012/2013 certificate as the certification has to be renewed annually.

      For our first season here we forewent organic certification due to the expense, we were a start up business with very little capital. We did advertise on our website as “non-certified organic” and we did tell our customers we were “growing using organic practices but that we did not have organic certification.” We also used social media and hand painted road signs that advertised organic or organically grown. Throughout our first year our intent was not to “dupe” or “con” any of our customers into thinking we were certified. We were always upfront about the fact that we did not have certification, but we also stressed that we were using organic practices.

      I must say, I find it interesting the emphasis you place on having an organic certificate. I admit, it is important, however it is only one step to truly knowing how your food is grown. If you are very serious about making sure you’re getting the best food you should be sure to visit the farm where your food is growing and to talk to the farmers in person. We welcome anyone interested to come out the farm and see how we do things. If you’re ever down this way please look us up, we’re at 2009 Old Joppa Road in Joppa, MD. I make a point in saying this because there are certified organic farms that are thousands of acres in size, and there are certified organic farms that are milking thousands of cows 24 hours a day. To me, this is not organic, but to the letter of the law that issues organic certificates, it is. Please be wary in how much trust you put in a piece of paper and be sure to actually visit the farm or talk to the farmers you’re buying from.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks again,

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